Alternators & Electrical Systems

While your engine is running, the alternator supplies electricity to your systems and recharges your battery. Keep it running smoothly with regular electrical and charging system diagnostic checks from our Quick Lane® experts. If necessary, we can even replace your vehicle’s alternator.


How often should I service my vehicle?

Alternators can last anywhere from 80,000 - 240,000 km. Check your owner's manual for the service schedule recommended for your vehicle. There's more than one sign that it's time to come in for service: dim or flickering interior and exterior lights, odd noises, a drained battery, and, of course, your check engine light.

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Omnicraft and Motorcraft alternators

Premium Omnicraft™ alternators are manufactured to high standards and priced competitively to support all makes and models. Motorcraft® alternators also meet or exceed original equipment specifications in Ford vehicles. They’re 100% performance tested, and insulation tested to 600 volts, providing high reliability in extreme temperatures.