Tire brand


Michelin logo.

For over 131 years, “Michelin” was born and has continuously developed the business with respect to our commitment “Moving Forward Together” to a better future. It is because we believe that “the mobility plays an important role in the human evolutions”. We are committed to develop new innovations to deliver a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly mobility. Our key objective is “to introduce a superior quality to our customers”. In each year, Michelin invests more than 680 million euros or 24,000 million baht in R&D where more than 6,000 employees in 29 countries worldwide constantly carry out our product analysis.

Therefore, the innovation has always been Michelin’s essential priority which is a key enabler of our successful tire product launches in response to our customers’ needs in terms of quality, performance, efficient and optimal longevity, and cost-effectiveness.

Recently, Michelin takes a next step by working hard and successfully proving that Michelin tires can deliver longtime tire safety even when new and worn. The consumers can be confident in Michelin tires’ braking performance from day one they used until the day the tires would be replaced in the next use cycle. This is considered as Michelin’s technological development intelligence, from the past until today, in our high-technology research and development.

In addition, Michelin provides a 6-year tire product warranty* under our excellent manufacturing standards of meticulous production and quality assessment processes for more than a century. Michelin confidently guarantees the excellent and standardized quality of individual tires produced by our factories.