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Can I make an appointment with Quick Lane online?

Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot. However, you can call to schedule services at your nearest location


Where is the nearest Quick Lane location?

Click Find a Quick Lane to find our nearest location or find it right below the menu on every page. 


What are the Quick Lane hours of operation?

To find out the exact hours of operation for your local Quick Lane, click Find a Quick Lane now.



What does a Quick Lane visit consist of?

We offer expert auto maintenance for any brand of car, truck or SUV. With more than 800 locations nationwide, we’ve got certified technicians, the latest diagnostic tools, a wide selection of name-brand tires — and quality Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ products. Plus, every single vehicle serviced will receive our exclusive Vehicle Checkup Report, which includes a tire inspection, brake inspection, coolant check, oil level check, and a belts and hoses inspection. 


What does an oil change at Quick Lane consist of and how much does it cost?

Oil changes at Quick Lane vary in price by location. Our most popular, The Works® package, provides the following: oil change using synthetic blend oil, tire rotation, brake inspection, pressure check, fluid top-off, vehicle checkup, filter check, battery test, and a belts and hoses check. 


What kind of makes and models does Quick Lane service?

Quick Lane gladly serves all vehicles. Whatever make and model you’re driving, a Quick Lane Expert will happily inspect and service it. 


What are Quick Lane service recommendations based on?

Typically, all recommendations are based on the owner’s manual for each make, type, and year of vehicle. But the condition of your vehicle and the miles it’s accumulated at time of service also greatly affects our expert recommendations.


Do I need to go to my dealer to maintain my warranty?

Actually, no. Quick Lane can provide the services for you to help properly keep your vehicle’s warranty in effect. A dealer is not required to perform those services, such as an oil change or tire replacement. 


How often do I need to get my tires serviced?

Tires should be rotated every 6,000-8,000 miles or as recommended in your owner’s manual. Tires need to be replaced anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on the tire, driving style, and conditions. For more information, visit our Tire Service page.


What type of tires does Quick Lane offer?

Quick Lane offers more than a dozen name brands to choose from. For more information on finding the right tire for your vehicle, visit our Shop Tires page.


How do I decide whether to use conventional, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil?

Review your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see what your automaker recommends. Be sure to match the recommended motor oil to the motor oil your vehicle will be receiving.



Does Quick Lane offer a credit card? 

We do. Visit the Quick Lane Credit Card page for more information.


Can I apply for a Quick Lane Credit Card online?

Yes, you can. Go to our Quick Lane Credit Card page and click the Apply Now button.        


Where do I send payment for my credit card bill?

Quick Lane Credit Card Payments

P.O. Box 9001006

Louisville, KY 40290-1006



What kind of parts does Quick Lane offer?

Quick Lane uses Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ products.


What’s the difference between Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ products?

Motorcraft® parts are specific to Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Omnicraft™ parts are for all other makes and models. Both are backed by the Ford Motor Company. 


Do Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ products come with a warranty?

Yes. All our Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ parts come with warranties that cover both the parts and labor. To learn more about the warranties, visit our Warranties page


All vehicle owners have the opportunity to create a FordPass Rewards account to earn points to be used at Quick Lane locations.


 What is FordPass Rewards*?

FordPass Rewards is an exciting program that allows members to earn and redeem valuable Points on vehicle service and maintenance or new vehicle purchases.

Visit FordPass Rewards Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


What happened to Owner Advantage Rewards®?

Owner Advantage Rewards (OAR) was converted to FordPass Rewards.

  • Dealer-funded Service Rewards — Migrated into equivalent value of FordPass Rewards Points and will be available for redemption at any participating Ford dealership
  • Earned Oil Changes — Awarded 5,000 FordPass Rewards Points per oil change (gas or diesel)
  • New Vehicle Sales Rewards and any oil change credits. Sales rewards and oil change credits will not be converted to FordPass Rewards Points.

Visit FordPass Rewards Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 


Do members have to use the FordPass app to earn rewards?

No. Members can earn FordPass Rewards at their participating dealership and view their account online at However, they do need a Ford Owner or Lincoln Owner account to participate. The FordPass app is necessary to complete FordPass Connect modem activation for modem-equipped vehicles to earn Points for complimentary maintenance with vehicle purchase.

Visit FordPass Rewards Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


Are Points earned when members visit a Quick Lane?

Yes, a member has the same earning and redemption opportunities at participating Quick Lanes as they do in dealership service lanes. 

Visit FordPass Rewards Frequently Asked Questions for more information



Can I use Quick Lane to service my fleet?

Yes. Visit the Quick Lane Fleet Services page for more information.


Does Quick Lane currently have any special offers or savings?

Yes, we do. Visit our Savings page for more information.