Suspension & Steering

A properly maintained steering wheel and suspension system keep your tires in contact with the road and you in control of your vehicle. And they provide a comfortable, enjoyable ride. Visit our Quick Lane® experts to ensure your suspension system - including shock absorbers or struts, coil springs, and linkage, are functioning properly.

Estimated Time: 30 minutes


How often should I replace my shocks & struts?

Every 50,000 miles or according to your owner's manual — typically during an annual service — or if you notice signs of wear such as excessive bouncing, loss of tire contact with the road, uneven tire wear, vibrations or noises, fluid leaks, or visible damage to your vehicle's shock components.

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Motorcraft® and Omnicraft™ shocks

Shocks and struts deliver consistent control and reduce wheel bounce to help provide a smoother ride. Your Quick Lane expert will recommend the best part for your vehicle.